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Welcome to North Carolina's Orange County Adult Soccer League!

We specialize in adult recreational soccer, and our emphasis is on providing a great soccer experience for our players. We will strive to provide convenient practice and game locations, nice fields, really good referees, and warm sunny days.

OCASL keeps its costs low by utilizing technology, reducing waste, reusing uniforms, all in an effort to make registration affordable. If you or someone you know needs assistance (registration fees or equipment), we can help. If you are an Orange County resident, first try OCASL Foundation. If you are not an Orange County resident, contact us directly by email. We also offer opportunities to play for free by volunteering with OCASL.

Labor Day 2018

The Labor Day Benefit Tournament raised over $1000 for the OCASL Foundation
Champions: The Crew (4-0-0)

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Special shout out to our patrons: Javier Grajeda, Chris Horstmann, Greg Studdard, Hudson Vaughan, Raul Gomez, and Jacob Smith

Winners: Summer 2018 A Division

Division Champions: FC (9-1-0)
Golden Boot: Drew Enyedi - Rose (13)
Best Offense: FC (50)
Best Defense: FC (19)

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Winners: Spring 2018 Studdard Division

Division Champions: Internationals (6-3-1)
Golden Boot: Daniel Goff - Internationals (13 goals)
Best Offense: Internationals (35 goals)
Best Defense: T-Birds & Internationals (18 goals)

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Winners: Spring 2018 O'Hara Division

Division Champions: Iron Maiden (7-1-2)
Golden Boot: Felix Sebera - Hilary Chi (9 goals)
Best Offense: Hilary Chi (35 goals)
Best Defense: Whateverton & Iron Maiden (14 goals)

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Winners: Summer 2018 Over-30 Division

Division Champions: Durham FC (8-2-0)
Golden Boot: Gregg Adamo - Jablonski (13 goals)
Best Offense: Jablonski & Team Tomo (42 goals)
Best Defense: Durham FC (26 goals)

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Winners: Summer 2018 Women's Open Division

Division Champions: Vinum (7-0-1)
Golden Boot: Megan Dell - Vinum (11 goals)
Best Offense: Vinum(39 goals)
Best Defense: Vinum (12 goals)

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Winners: Summer 2018 Anderson Division

Division Champions: Oldcastle United (8-1-1)
Golden Boot: Ted Pease - Oldcastle United (17 goals)
Best Offense: Oldcastle United(49 goals)
Best Defense: Stroke City (13 goals)

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Upcoming Games for Kaminsky Division
Sat Sep 29, 8:30aSouthern Comm ParkSCP FCBull McCabes
Sat Sep 29, 12:10pSouthern Comm ParkSCP 1Karmiri FCChapel Hill FC
Sat Sep 29, 1:00pHerndon ParkChamp FieldStill KickinRed Team
Mon Oct 1, 9:00pCedar FCRed Team
Upcoming Games for Studdard Division
Sat Sep 29, 10:20aSouthern Comm ParkSCP 1T-BirdsEurosport FC
Sat Sep 29, 2:00pSouthern Comm ParkSCP 1Meiwa FCInternationals
Sat Sep 29, 2:50pHerndon ParkChamp Field Threat Level...Rose
Upcoming Games for O'Hara Division
Sat Sep 29, 3:50pSouthern Comm ParkSCP 1WhatevertonIron Maiden
Sat Sep 29, 4:40pHerndon ParkChamp FieldSkormor RangersHans FC
Sat Sep 29, 5:40pSouthern Comm ParkSCP 1Honey Badgers FCHilary Chi
Mon Oct 1, 9:00pCedar FallsCF2Skormor RangersIron Maiden
Upcoming Games for Over 30
Wed Sep 26, 7:30pEfland Cheeks Comm CtrECCC 1Team TomoMotorco FC
Wed Sep 26, 9:00pCedar FallsCF 1ATBDJablonski FC
Wed Sep 26, 9:00pCedar FallsCF 2ABSFCDurham FC
Upcoming Games for Anderson Division
Thu Sep 27, 9:00pCedar FallsCF 1AStroke CityBeer Study FC
Thu Sep 27, 9:00pCedar FallsCF 2ABCP FCTimeless Heroes
Tue Oct 2, 6:05pSouthern Comm ParkSCP Y1Old Man CityArtritico Madrid
Tue Oct 2, 9:00pCedar FallsCF 1AOldcastle UnitedGeri-Hat Tricks
Tue Oct 2, 9:00pCedar FallsCF 2ABeer Study FCPulled Ham United

Game Results for this past week:

Durham FC
Jablonski FC
9/26Team Tomo
Motorco FC
9/25Pulled Ham United6Frederic Bost(3), Seiji Mita, unk. player(2)
Old Man City5Matt Murley(2), Eric Nussbaumer(2), Marc XavierRob Dilworth(2)
9/25Artritico Madrid5Todd Arnold, Jonathan Baker(2), Vito Guerra, Herbert Struemper
Oldcastle United3Remco Laan(2), Renato Romero
9/25Geri-Hat Tricks4Johnny Crncic, Chuck Grabowski, Jeremy Salemson(2)Johnny Crncic, Chuck Grabowski, ingemar lanevi, Matthew Tulchin
Real MyDad2Tassos Markas, Jason Smolko
9/24T-Birds2Ryan Fleming, Ryan GillespieGreg Daniel
Rose1Paul Myers-DavisEric Daly
9/24Karmiri FC6Alfred Liao, Nick MacLeod, Danilo Meyer, Hung Nguyen, unk. player(2)
Still Kickin2Raul Gomez, Hudson Vaughan
9/22Internationals2kokou Nayo, Felipe Segnini
T-Birds1Ryan Gillespie
9/22Red Team0
Karmiri FC2Danilo Meyer, Aristide SanganoDanilo Meyer
9/22Rose2Nicolas Restrepo, Hiroto Yoshikawa
Meiwa FC0
9/22Iron Maiden5Papis Diouf, Kevin Dixon, Matt Straub(2), Marc XavierKevin Dixon(2), Marc Xavier
Honey Badgers FC0
9/22Hans FC0
Whateverton6Jason Fitzgerald, Raul Gomez(2), Karim Miard(2), Rob SmithBrennan Hirschfield
9/22Hilary Chi4Alec Greenwald(2), unk. playerVito Guerra, Gavin OHara
Skormor Rangers2Kevin Duke, Charles Kurzman, unk. player (og)Tony Jimenez
9/22Bull McCabes1ed Umana
Still Kickin2Lee Miller, Zachary NasipakRoy Van Veld
9/22Eurosport FC1Brent Prazak
Threat Level...1Martin Crompton
9/22Chapel Hill FC0 FC7John McGregor, Martin North(2), Blake Stewart, Cole Walker(2), Sonny WongJohn McGregor, Cole Walker(2)
9/20Beer Study FC7Wolfgang Bergmeier(2), Mickey Kalavsky(2), Patrick McGowan, Dave Pope
BCP FC0unk. player (og)
9/20Pulled Ham United3Jose Fernandes, Ramin Jahannia, Irwin Martinez[g]Ramin Jahannia, Irwin Martinez[g]
Artritico Madrid5Todd Arnold, David Beck, Kurt Leopold, Andrew Snider(2)Andres Calderon, Vito Guerra, Ehren HInes(2)

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