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Welcome to North Carolina's Orange County Adult Soccer League!

  • Posted: Tuesday Jun 30, 2015:  Games on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week, because July 4 falls on a Saturday.  Check your team schedule.

    And YES, we do have practice as scheduled this week too.

  • Posted: Wednesday Jul 1, 2015:  Congratulations to David Kaminsky and Kevin Duke, returning and new board-of-advisors members, respectively.  It was an extremely close race, Greg Studdard and Kokou Nayo were just edged out.

    Special thanks to Greg Studdard, both for his 4 years of service on the board, and for bringing so darn many players into the league. 

We specialize in adult recreational and competitive soccer, and our emphasis is on providing a great soccer experience for our players. We will strive to provide convenient practice and game locations, nice fields, really good referees, and warm sunny days.

Spring 2015 REC 1 Division

Division Champions: Tortfeasors (8-2-0)
Golden Boot: Matt Straub - Lead Zeppelins (11)
Best Offense: Lead Zeppelins (30)
Best Defense: Eurosport FC (17)

Spring 2015 REC 2 Division

Division Champions: Rose(7-1-2)
Golden Boot: Raul Gomez - Still Kickin' (8)
Best Offense: Skormor Rangers (29)
Best Defense: Rose (13)

Summer Registration
Coed Recreational

  • 9 or 10 games (Saturdays and Midweek) + 9 weeks of practice sessions
  • Practice sessions 3 evenings each week
  • $75 registration (games + pickup/practice)
  • $40 discount for goal keepers
  • $25 for pickup-only, $10 for 2nd family member
  • Season starts June 13
  • Individuals, small groups, full teams welcome

Upcoming Games for Rec 1
Wednesday Jul 1, 2015 8:00pCedar FallsCF1Sweat HogsIce Rhinos
Thursday Jul 2, 2015 8:00pCedar FallsCF1Petals to the MetalCharlie's Team
Thursday Jul 2, 2015 8:00pCedar FallsCF2House of BatiatusT-Birds

Game Results for this past week:

06/27T-Birds: 1Petals to the Metal: 3T-Birds: Jason Smith
Petals to the Metal: Peter Bohlen, Paul Myers-Davis, unknown player
06/27Ice Rhinos: 1Too Many Cooks: 1Ice Rhinos: Michael Brandewie
Too Many Cooks: unknown player
06/27Charlie's Team: 3Sweat Hogs: 1Charlie's Team: Doug Clark, Andrew Kohler, Frank Mgongolwa
Sweat Hogs: freddy cuartas
06/27Honey Badgers FC: 2House of Batiatus: 10Honey Badgers FC: Matthew Joannou, Seokhyoung Kim
House of Batiatus: Jay Linke(3), Aaron Picart, Carlos Picart, Jonathan Summey(4), unknown player
06/30Too Many Cooks: 3Honey Badgers FC: 0Too Many Cooks: Gonzalo Asis, Paul Harvey, Zachary Mozenter
07/01Sweat HogsIce Rhinos

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