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Welcome to North Carolina's Orange County Adult Soccer League!

  • Posted: Wednesday Mar 15, 2017:  All our divisions are full, but you can still get on our wait list.  Contact us by email ( and we will try to find you a place on a team.

    Pickup play registration is still open and you can register on line to join us up to 4 nights each week.

We specialize in adult recreational soccer, and our emphasis is on providing a great soccer experience for our players. We will strive to provide convenient practice and game locations, nice fields, really good referees, and warm sunny days.

Winter Blast 2016

The Winter Blast 2016 Benefit Tournament raised over $800 for the Community Empowerment Fund
Champions: Easy Riders (4-0-0)

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Winners: Fall 2016 Kaminsky Division

Division Champions: Library FC (6-3-1)
Golden Boot: Greg Pecora - Library FC (9 goals)
Best Offense: Still Kickin' and Library FC (33 goals)
Best Defense: Karmiri FC (11 goals)

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Winners: Fall 2016 Studdard Division

Division Champions: Carolina United (6-2-2)
Golden Boot: Jake Axelbank - Rose(14)
Best Offense: Carolina United (40)
Best Defense: Rose (20)

Winners: Fall 2016 O'Hara Division

Division Champions: Skormor Rangers (7-2-1)
Golden Boot: Felix Sebera - Hilary Chi(13)
Best Offense: Honey Badgers & Skormor Rangers (37 goals each)
Best Defense: Honey Badgers & Hilary Chi (20)

Congratulations Winter 2016 Champions!

Kaminsky Division Champions: Chapel Hill FC (7-1-2)
Golden Boot(s): Kent Donnell - Still Kickin' and Kevin Rogers - Chapel Hill FC (15)
Best Offense: Chapel Hill FC (62)
Best Defense: Spice Boyz... (16) w/ Goal Keeper Ben McCartney

Over-30 Champions: Durham FC (6-1-3)
Golden Boot: Gregg Adamo - Jablonski FC (19)
Best Offense: Jablonski FC (47)
Best Defense: Jablonski FC (25) w/ Goal Keeper Leah Ling

Anderson Division Champions: Timeless Heroes (7-1-2)
Golden Boot: Murtado Bustillos - Timeless Heroes (17)
Best Offense: Timeless Heroes (42)
Best Defense: Oldcastle United (20) w/ Goal Keeper Steve Buttitta

Upcoming Games for Kaminsky Division
Saturday Apr 1 12:25pSouthern Community ParkSCP 1⟖ (The Team Formerly Known As Spice Boyz II Men's Wearhouse of the Rising Sunny Side Up to No Good)Still Kickin
Saturday Apr 1 2:15pSouthern Community ParkSCP 1Chapel Hill FCKarmiri FC
Saturday Apr 1 5:55pSouthern Community ParkSCP 1Library FCEurosport FC
Upcoming Games for Studdard Division
Saturday Apr 1 8:45aSouthern Community ParkSCP 1RoseCarolina United
Sunday Apr 2 (Eurosport)E-1UNC MBAT-Birds
Sunday Apr 2 (Eurosport)E-1GunnersRed Fury
Upcoming Games for O'Hara Division
Saturday Apr 1 10:35aSouthern Community ParkSCP 1Skormor RangersIron Maiden
Saturday Apr 1 4:05pSouthern Community ParkSCP 1Hans FCHoney Badgers FC
Sunday Apr 2 (Eurosport)E-1InternationalsHilary Chi
Upcoming Games for Over 30
Wednesday Mar 29 7:30pEfland Cheeks Community CenterECCC 1CelticMotorco FC
Wednesday Mar 29 7:30pEfland Cheeks Community CenterECCC 2Durham FCJablonski FC
Wednesday Mar 29 9:00pCedar FallsCF 1ABSFCRetired Affect
Wednesday Mar 29 9:00pCedar FallsCF 2ATeam TomoReal M...
Upcoming Games for Anderson Division
Tuesday Mar 28 6:15pSouthern Community ParkY2Stroke CityOldcastle United
Tuesday Mar 28 9:00pCedar FallsCF 1AOld Man CityTimeless Heroes
Tuesday Mar 28 9:00pCedar FallsCF 2ATake a NapoliArtritico Madrid

Game Results for this past week:

3/21Stroke City7Brian Berklich, Adam Golden, Tommy Magrinat, Ted Mouw, Andre Ritter(2)Amanda Elton, Shanon Kulinski, Tommy Magrinat(2)
FC Waterbreak4Frederic Bost(4), unk. player (og)Ted Hall(2), Martin Styner
3/21Timeless Heroes5Hamdani Bustillo martinez(3), Andrew Gatt, Andres Martinez-Rotundoron evans
Real Mydad6Joshua Boyles(2), David Gadea, Akihiro Moto(2), Sean Werley
3/21Oldcastle United3Tim Field(2), John Stephens
Take a Napoli1Ramin Jahannia
3/21Old Man City1Christopher Horstman
Artritico Madrid3Sam Amago, Andrew Snider(2)
3/22Real M...2Raul Arellano(2)
Celtic4John Riccio, Johny Stanley, Joshua Walters(2)Kelvin Juarez(3), Angel Portillo
3/22NYC FC3Alex Funt, Ryun Miller, Norbert OderoRaul Gomez, Norbert Odero
Durham FC3Peter Classi, Ozan Gokdemir, Quinton WhiteOzan Gokdemir, Joao Valerio
3/22Team Tomo5Doug Clark, Phillip Schuler, Takahiro Soda, EDWIN WOTORTSI(2)Doug Clark, Phillip Schuler
BSFC3Renzo Chauca(2), Matthew KoliopoulosRob Jones, Felipe Mendoza, Jelmer Poelstra
3/22Motorco FC6james coulter, Gary Cuddeback(3), James Gartrell, Daniel Seed
Jablonski FC1Alex Lewis
3/25Rose1John StrayhornJohn Schimmelfing
Gunners1Peter GenglerGreg Studdard
3/25Still Kickin1Thane Campbell
Karmiri FC3unk. player(3)
3/25Eurosport FC4Kevin Duke, Tyler Johnson, Kevin Lee, Kyle SchwabRichard Guyer, Garrett Morris, Paul Myers-Davis
⟖ (The Team Formerly Known As Spice Boyz II Men's Wearhouse of the Rising Sunny Side Up to No Good)1Alexander Kovachmatteo Binfare
3/25Carolina United2Erik Dennihy, Zachary Nasipak
UNC MBA4unk. player(4)
3/25T-Birds2Nick Acosta, unk. player
Red Fury2Colt Duppen, Hunter Joyner
3/25Library FC5Fabio Apruzzi, Kyle Curtis, Joe Jones, unk. player(2)
Chapel Hill FC7Omar Boumaaza(3), Max Cavallini, unk. player(3)
3/25Internationals5Robert Bradford(2), Nate McClafferty, Andrew Odom, peter rajkovichNeville Francis, peter rajkovich(2)
Hans FC0
3/25Iron Maiden3Josh Cutherell, Jonathan Heidengren, Luke RobertsErik Diffin, Christopher Horstman
Honey Badgers FC1Zach Dunn
3/25Hilary Chi0
Skormor Rangers4Jeffrey Enders, Christopher Horstman, unk. player(2)Vik Williams

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