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Welcome to North Carolina's Orange County Adult Soccer League!

  • Posted: Friday Jan 19, 2018:  At 1:45pm on Friday, we still have 4-6 inches of snow on the field at Cedar Falls. We're hoping for dramatic melting over the next 24 hours.  Will make a decision on tomorrow's games by noon on Saturday.  Check back here to see the decision.

We specialize in adult recreational soccer, and our emphasis is on providing a great soccer experience for our players. We will strive to provide convenient practice and game locations, nice fields, really good referees, and warm sunny days.

Winter Blast 2017

The Winter Blast 2017 Benefit Tournament raised over $1300 for the OCASL Foundation
Champions: Nutmeg (5-0-1)

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Winners: Fall 2017 Orangetheory Division

Division Champions: FC (7-2-1)
Golden Boot: Cole Walker - (8 goals)
Best Offense: Red Team (30 goals)
Best Defense: - (14 goals)

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Winners: Fall 2017 Studdard Division

Division Champions: Rose (8-1-1)
Golden Boot: Kent Donnell - Carolina United (14)
Best Offense: Rose (39)
Best Defense: Rose (9)

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Winners: Fall 2017 O'Hara Division

Division Champions: Iron Maiden (8-2-0)
Golden Boot: Josh Cutherell - Iron Maiden(15)
Best Offense: Iron Maiden (42)
Best Defense: Iron Maiden (15)

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Winners: Fall 2017 Over-30 Division

Division Champions: Durham FC (8-1-1)
Golden Boot: Hector Mendoza - Durham FC (24)
Best Offense: Durham FC (58)
Best Defense: Team Tomo (22)

Winners: Fall 2017 Anderson Division

Division Champions: Oldcastle United (9-1-0)
Golden Boot: Frederic Bost (Super Sub FC) (25)
Best Offense: Super Sub FC (50)
Best Defense: Oldcastle United (16)

Upcoming Games for Orangetheory Fitness Division
Sat Jan 20, 2:30pCedar FallsCF1NutmegChapel Hill FC
Sat Jan 20, 2:30pCedar FallsCF2Edgar Winter GroupRed Bulls
Sat Jan 20, 4:20pCedar FallsCF1Still ChillinRed Team
Sat Jan 20, 4:20pCedar FallsCF2Slushy Pants Apocalypse...
Upcoming Games for Over 30
Wed Jan 24, 9:00pCedar FallsCF 1ARetired AffectBSFC
Wed Jan 24, 9:00pCedar FallsCF 2ATeam TomoJablonski FC
Upcoming Games for Anderson Division
Tue Jan 23, 9:00pCedar FallsCF 1ASuper Sub FCCold Man City
Tue Jan 23, 9:00pCedar FallsCF 2AStroke CityGeri-Hat Tricks
Thu Jan 25, 9:00pCedar FallsCF 1AReal MydadOldcastle United

Game Results for this past week:

1/13Chapel Hill FC6Kevin Rogers(4), Kyle Shave, Mike WhiteGregg Adamo(2), Felix Sebera(2)
Red Bulls2Sam Bermas-Dawes, John SchimmelfingJohannes Tax, Cole Whitaker
1/13Red Team2Jordan Anderson, Gonzalo AsisGonzalo Asis, Aaron Hein
Nutmeg2Daniel Goff, Michael McPeakMichael McPeak, kokou Nayo
1/13Edgar Winter Group0
Slushy Pants2Danilo Meyer(2)
1/13 Apocalypse...5Michael Batres, Andrew Kondash, Cole Walker(3)Michael Batres, Gehrig Haberstock, Karim Miard, Jose Porrua
Still Chillin1Zachary NasipakWilliam Leggett
1/16Artritico Madrid2john doerfer, unk. player
Cold Man City3Eric Nussbaumer(3)Doug Nuernberger
1/16Real Mydad3unk. player(3)
Stroke City5Frank Escobar, Greg Studdard, unk. player(3)Amanda Elton, Ted Mouw, Greg Studdard

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