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Welcome to North Carolina's Orange County Adult Soccer League!

  • Posted: Thursday Oct 30, 2014:  Our teams are full for the winter season - This may be a temporary situation, we are trying to get more field space and should have an answer by Friday morning (We talked with the field agency Thursday afternoon).  If we do get more field space (90% chance), we'll re-open and add two more teams.

    You can still register for our pickup-only option.  And if you register for pickup-only and then are able to join a team, we will apply any payment for the team registration.

We specialize in adult recreational and competitive soccer, and our emphasis is on providing a great soccer experience for our players. We will strive to provide convenient practice and game locations, nice fields, really good referees, and warm sunny days.

Winter Registration

Registration for our winter season is open now. Click on Register to join us!
  • $70 includes 9 Saturday games, practice sessions, uniform shirt, ref fees
  • Games Nov 22 Dec 6,13 Jan 3,10,17,24,31 Feb 7
  • 50% Discount for goal keepers
  • $35 for pickup-only
  • 90 minute games, 3 referees, best fields in county
  • Divisions:
    • Rec 1 - upper division co-ed
    • Pickup Only - 18 sessions - Tuesday & Thursday evenings at Cedar Falls Park

Upcoming Games for Rec 1
Saturday Nov 1, 2014 10:50aMeadowmontLargeInternationalsSinners
Saturday Nov 1, 2014 12:40pMeadowmontLargeEurosport FCTortfeasors
Saturday Nov 1, 2014 2:30pMeadowmontLargeLibrary FCHilary Chi
Saturday Nov 1, 2014 4:20pMeadowmontLargeBoca JrsRose
Saturday Nov 1, 2014 5:30pCedar FallsCF1Lead ZeppelinsT-Birds
Saturday Nov 1, 2014 7:20pCedar FallsCF1JambarRed Fury
Upcoming Games for Rec 2
Saturday Nov 1, 2014 9:00aMeadowmontLargeStill KickinCarolina United
Saturday Nov 1, 2014 7:20pCedar FallsCF1JambarRed Fury
Saturday Nov 1, 2014 9:10pCedar FallsCF1Honey Badgers FCSkormor Rangers
Upcoming Games for Open
Sunday Nov 2, 2014 3:00pOld Chapel Hill Road ParkOCHR 1Dain's PlaceMan X
Sunday Nov 2, 2014 5:00pOld Chapel Hill Road ParkOCHR 1Jimmy JohnsGriffwoods
Wednesday Nov 5, 2014 7:00pHerndon ParkChamp FieldMan XGriffwoods
Upcoming Games for Over 30
Saturday Nov 1, 2014 12:00pEurosportE-4aDurham All StarsNYC FC
Saturday Nov 1, 2014 2:00pEurosportE-4bDurham FCMotorco FC
Wednesday Nov 5, 2014 7:00pEurosportE-4aDurham All StarsDurham FC
Wednesday Nov 5, 2014 7:00pEurosportE-4bMotorco FCNYC FC

Game Results for this past week:

10/25Rose: 0Eurosport FC: 1Eurosport FC: Tony Jimenez
10/25Sinners: 8Red Fury: 2Sinners: Brian Goeckerman, Juan Hurtado(3), Eric Lutcavage, Zachary Robbins, Mike Stobbe(2)
Red Fury: unknown player(2)
10/25Tortfeasors: 3Internationals: 4Tortfeasors: Kyle Engle(2), Michael Hieronymus
Internationals: Jay Linke, Aleksander Mieczkowski, Matthew Reams, Norbert Rueckel
10/25T-Birds: 2Library FC: 3T-Birds: Harvey Gray, Ricardo Serrano, unknown player (og)
Library FC: Nick Bailey, Greg Pecora
10/25Hilary Chi: 1Boca Jrs: 4Hilary Chi: Raphael Chevaux
Boca Jrs: Gonzalo Asis(2), Zachary Mozenter, Jose Villada
10/25Still Kickin: 2Jambar: 2Still Kickin: John FitzGerald, Robbie Gfeller
Jambar: Marcus Phil Don, Simone Phil Don
10/25Lead Zeppelins: 4Skormor Rangers: 2Lead Zeppelins: Kevin Duke(2), Colin Pedersen(2)
Skormor Rangers: James Bartram, Luke Coleman
10/25Carolina United: 4Honey Badgers FC: 1Carolina United: Kevin Dixon(2), Frank Mgongolwa, Joshua Queen
Honey Badgers FC: Lauren Gregor
10/26Man X: 1Jimmy Johns: 1Man X: Erik Carvalho
Jimmy Johns: Joshua Burch
10/26Howard Surgery: 0Dain's Place: 3Dain's Place: unknown player(3)

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