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Welcome to North Carolina's Orange County Adult Soccer League!

  • Posted: Wednesday Jun 6, 2018:  Our summer teams are all full right now.  You can still register for pickup play (Monday and Thursday nights).  You can also ask to be placed on our waiting list by sending us an email.  Otherwise, we hope you will join us this fall (register in July, play late August through November).

We specialize in adult recreational soccer, and our emphasis is on providing a great soccer experience for our players. We will strive to provide convenient practice and game locations, nice fields, really good referees, and warm sunny days.

OCASL keeps its costs low by utilizing technology, reducing waste, reusing uniforms, all in an effort to make registration affordable. If you or someone you know needs assistance (registration fees or equipment), we can help. If you are an Orange County resident, first try OCASL Foundation. If you are not an Orange County resident, contact us directly by email. We also offer opportunities to play for free by volunteering with OCASL.

Winter Blast 2017

The Winter Blast 2017 Benefit Tournament raised over $1300 for the OCASL Foundation
Champions: Nutmeg (5-0-1)

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Winners: Spring 2018 Kaminsky Division

Division Champions: FC (9-1-0)
Golden Boot: Daniel Goff (Red Team) & Cole Walker ( FC) (9)
Best Offense: FC (41)
Best Defense: Red Team (11)

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Winners: Spring 2018 Studdard Division

Division Champions: Internationals (6-3-1)
Golden Boot: Daniel Goff - Internationals (13 goals)
Best Offense: Internationals (35 goals)
Best Defense: T-Birds & Internationals (18 goals)

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Winners: Spring 2018 O'Hara Division

Division Champions: Iron Maiden (7-1-2)
Golden Boot: Felix Sebera - Hilary Chi (9 goals)
Best Offense: Hilary Chi (35 goals)
Best Defense: Whateverton & Iron Maiden (14 goals)

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Winners: Spring 2018 Over-30 Division

Division Champions: Motorco FC (8-2-0)
Golden Boot: Joao Valerio - Durham FC (14 goals)
Best Offense: Durham FC (56 goals)
Best Defense: Jablonski (20 goals)

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Winners: Spring 2018 Anderson Division

Division Champions: Oldcastle United (10-0-0)
Golden Boot: Ted Pease - Oldcastle United (20 goals)
Best Offense: Oldcastle United(59 goals)
Best Defense: Oldcastle United (8 goals)

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Upcoming Games for Over 30
Mon Jun 25, 9:00pCedar FallsCF 1AJablonski FCTeam Tomo
Wed Jun 27, 7:30pCedar FallsCF 2AMotorco FCBSFC
Wed Jun 27, 9:00pCedar FallsCF 2ADurham FCRetired Affect
Upcoming Games for Anderson Division
Tue Jun 26, 7:30pCedar FallsCF 1APulled Ham UnitedOld Man City
Tue Jun 26, 9:00pCedar FallsCF 1AOldcastle UnitedGeri Hat Tricks
Tue Jun 26, 9:00pCedar FallsCF 2A Artritico Madrid...Stroke City
Upcoming Games for Summer A
Sat Jun 23, 7:45aCedar FallsCF2CU / SK / KarRed Badgers
Sat Jun 23, 7:45aCedar FallsCF1RoseNutmeg
Sat Jun 23, 9:30aCedar FallsCF1Ice FC
Sat Jun 23, 9:30aCedar FallsCF2Chapel Hill FCHans FC
Tue Jun 26, 7:30pCedar FallsCF2Ice RhinosRose
Upcoming Games for Women's Division
Wed Jun 27, 7:30pCedar FallsCF 1AVinumFlames
Wed Jun 27, 9:00pCedar FallsCF 1AGlamazonsAdventure Time

Game Results for this past week:

6/ FC8Eric Cramer(2), Elisandro Mtz(2), Cole Walker(3), unk. player
Red Badgers1Michael McPeak
6/16Nutmeg3Thomas Bartlett, Jose Garcia, Greg HerzogElio Bautista(2), Aaron Raynor
Chapel Hill FC5Michael Brandewie, Brian Koh, Kevin Rogers, Kyle Shave, unk. playerGregg Adamo(2), Michael Brandewie
6/16Rose2Christopher Balog, Mikayla Brenman
CU / SK / Kar5Alfred Liao(2), Marlowe Lindsay(2), Daniel Lohmer
6/16Ice Rhinos8Brandon Coleman, Bobby Duke(2), Kevin Duke(2), Brendan Heitz, Matthew Hubbard, Brent PrazakBobby Duke, Kevin Duke, Felix Sebera, Jacquelyn Vorndran
Hans FC0
6/18Team Tomo5michael carstens, Ian Enverga, Raul Gomez(2), Patrick Shultz
Retired Affect1Ned Phillips
6/19Stroke City2Charles Kurzman, Ted Mouw
Oldcastle United0
6/19Hans FC0 FC3unk. player(3)
6/19Geri Hat Tricks1Tommy Sikes
Pulled Ham United7Frederic Bost, Jose Fernandes, Ramin Jahannia(2), Irwin Martinez, Seiji Mita, Martin Styner
6/19Old Man City3Eric Nussbaumer(2), John Ragosta
Artritico Madrid...2Dan Estay, Lubo Panagonov
6/20Motorco FC5Donald Ferguson(4), Matt Kirley
Durham FC6Taylor Halley, unk. player(5)
6/20Flames4Erin Kaplan, Anne Kiley, Jessie Neumann, Geovanna PerezLaura Coutts, Anne Kiley, Jessie Neumann
Adventure Time2Erin Coffman, Kelly McCormackAmy Lane, Melissa Tinling
6/20BSFC4Benjamin Gildin, Conor Sullivan, Nobu Yoshida(2)
Jablonski FC6Gregg Adamo(3), Mehdi Hazari, Jason Lill, Josh MacIver
6/20Glamazons1Shanon Kulinski
Vinum5Cathy Anderson, Megan Dell, Mary Forringer, Ailse O'Neill, Frances ReulandMary Forringer, Frances Reuland, Robin Thurston, Leslie Yount(2)

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