Welcome to Orange County Adult Soccer League (OCASL)

This page provides useful information on the registration process, and will help you find the right division.


In OCASL, we register individually.  This means that each player is responsible for providing his or her own information, and paying the fees.  We do this to take the burden off the team captain, and to help grow the league.  We welcome new players, new groups of players, and of course, entire teams.  There is a place on the registration form where you can express your preference for team, captain, or teammate.  We do our best to get friends together onto teams.

During the registration period, we continue to add players as long as a division has not reached its limit.  The limit is determined by the division and the number of teams expected in the division.  This table defines the typical limits:

Kaminsky (co-ed 11v11) 126 0
Studdard (co-ed 11v11) 126 0
O'Hara (co-ed 11v11) 126 0
Summer A/Winter A (co-ed 11v11) 0 168
Over-30 (competitive 8v8) 96 72
Anderson (Men over 40/Women over 30) 96 96
Women Only (8v8) 96 96
Pickup Only No limit

No Limit

Once the limit is reached, we close registration.  If you register before the limit is reached, we guarantee to place you on a team.  If you do not register before the limit is reached, we can put you on a wait list for a team.  Typically, the first ten or so players on the wait list are able to get on a team, so don't give up.

OCASL has a 100% money back guarantee.  If you register, and then decide for any reason that you do not want to join the league, we will refund your money.  So there is no reason to hesitate when registering.  It is better to register and change your mind, than to wait too long and get left off the team.  

One final note, you are not fully registered until we receive your payment.  Make sure you finish the entire process and receive a confirmation email from us that you have completed registration.

Registration process

  1. Create an account (contact information) [New Players Only]
  2. Provide information about yourself (jersey size, etc) [New Players Only]
  3. Register for play [All Players]
  4. Pay securely online

If you are new to OCASL, you'll need to complete all four steps.  If you are a returning player, you'll be able to jump directly to step 3.

In step 1, creating an account, use your most reliable email address.  We will never share that email address with any other business, and we'll only use it for official OCASL correspondance.  For adults, it is best for each player to have their own account.  We use that same account for the player profiles, so if two adults share the same account, they also share the same profile (statistics, pictures, etc).

In step 2, we ask for your jersey size and birthdate.  You do not need to provide your exact birthdate - use an accurate month and year, but feel free to pick a random day.  The birthdate is used to make sure you fall within our age requirements for the various divisions.

In step 3, you are choosing the participant type, the division, and providing us with your preferences (playing position, teammate, team captain etc).  For participant type, choose goal keeper, or player, or captain.  Goal keepers get a discount, but don't choose this unless you are serious about playing keeper.  Teams count on their keepers being there and making up for all the mistakes they make on defense.  To be a team captain, you need the permission of the league.  See our team captain's page for more information.  If you are a team captain, we ask that you also register as a player. 

For all players, you can see a description of the divisions here.  If a division is full, it will not appear in the list presented to you. 

Step 4 is where you pay online.  We use paypal as our payment system.  All your financial information is handled by paypal, with their security.  OCASL never has access to your credit card information.

OCASL tries its best to make sure that payment is not a barrier to play.  If you need financial assistance, please contact us.  

Extra Tidbits

If you would like to bring a team into the league, please contact us near the beginning of the registration period.  We can generally make room if we know what you are looking for.  The key will always be getting your individual players to register early.  To be clear - saying you're bringing a team into the league is not enough.  Your players must all register before the division hits its limit.

If your division has reached the limit, send us an email to get on the wait list.  Registering and paying for a different division will not help, so please avoid doing that.

Finally, we have two adult soccer leagues that have teams competing in the same divisions. If you live in Durham County, you should register with DCASL. If you live in Orange County (or any other county like Wake, Alamance, Chatham, etc.) you should register with OCASL.

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