Welcome to Orange County Adult Soccer League (OCASL)

This page provides useful information on the registration process, and will help you find the right spot for you.


The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we will play soccer for the foreseeable future.  We've made these changes to decrease the risk to our players.  Please read the following carefully.

We will not be offering team games yet.  Instead, players will sign up for "pods" that play at a specific time and place each week.  The pods will be arranged on skill level, age, and time period.  We list the pods in a table below.


PodAgesLevelDayTime Fee
Open A/B (Sat aft)
18+ Adv/Int
Saturdays 2:00pm
Open B/C (Sat aft) 18+ Int/Beg Saturdays 2:00pm 50

Over 30 A (Wed pm)
30+ Advanced Wednesdays 9:00pm 60
Over 40 A (Tue pm)
40+ Advanced Tuesdays 9:00pm 60
Over 40 B (Tue pm)
40+ Intermediate Tuesdays 9:00pm 60

Pod Play

A pod consists of 10-18 players who agree to play soccer only within their own pod.  Each player registering with OCASL may register for only 1 pod.  The pod will play ten sessions over ten weeks.  If conditions become favorable, we may be able to offer multiple sessions per week per pod.

Before each session, all players will check-in and certify that they are not exhibiting any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19.  If, during the season, a player contracts Covid-19, the player should contact OCASL immediately, so that all the players within their pod can be contacted.  Appropriate measures will then be taken.  Depending on the situation, that might mean halting play within that pod for 14 days after exposure to the infected player.

During play, face masks are required, and shouting is discouraged.  Players on the sidelines must wear face masks or remain at least six feet from all other players.

Other Info

No guest players, and no spectators are allowed at any session.  With the permission of OCASL, players may change pods one time during the season.  Any player who tests positive for the virus, or believes they have the virus even without testing, may apply for a pro-rated refund of their fees.  OCASL reserves the right to refuse permission to play to anyone, at any time.

We must all take this situation seriously if we are to play safely.  The virus is not any less contagious than when North Carolina was in lockdown.  We have been allowed to restart play only because people in the state have learned to work together in slowing the tide of infections.  Infections are still happening, however, and Covid-19 can cause serious illness and death.  As adults we are capable of weighing the risks associated with playing soccer, but we are all much safer if we continue to care about ourselves and our fellow players. 

As we get used to playing together again, and as the CDC adjusts its guidance (on masks, distancing, etc.), OCASL will modify play as well.

Registration process

  1. Create an account (contact information) [New Players Only]
  2. Provide information about yourself (jersey size, etc) [New Players Only]
  3. Register for play [All Players]
  4. Pay securely online

If you are new to OCASL, you'll need to complete all four steps.  If you are a returning player, you'll be able to jump directly to step 3.

In step 1, creating an account, use your most reliable email address.  We will never share that email address with any other business, and we'll only use it for official OCASL correspondance.  Every  player must have their own account.

In step 2, we ask for your jersey size and birthdate.  You do not need to provide your exact birthdate - use an accurate month and year, but feel free to pick a random day.  The birthdate is used to make sure you fall within our age requirements for the various divisions.

In step 3, you are choosing the position, the division, and providing us with your preferences (e.g. teammate).  For position, choose the pod (from the table above).

Step 4 is where you pay online.  We use paypal as our payment system.  All your financial information is handled by paypal, with their security.  OCASL never has access to your credit card information.

OCASL tries its best to make sure that payment is not a barrier to play.  If you need financial assistance, please contact us.

Finally, if you live in Durham County, please register with DCASL.  If you live in Orange County (or any other county like Wake, Alamance, Chatham, etc.) you should register with OCASL.

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