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Welcome to North Carolina's Orange County Adult Soccer League!


We specialize in adult recreational soccer, and our emphasis is on providing a great soccer experience for our players. We will strive to provide convenient practice and game locations, nice fields, really good referees, and warm sunny days.

Winter Blast 2016

The Winter Blast 2016 Benefit Tournament raised over $800 for the Community Empowerment Fund
Champions: Easy Riders (4-0-0)

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Winners: Spring 2017 Orangetheory Division

Division Champions: FC (9-1-0)
Golden Boot: Kevin Rogers - Chapel Hill FC (15 goals)
Best Offense: Chapel Hill FC (46 goals)
Best Defense: FC - (16 goals)

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Winners: Spring 2017 Studdard Division

Division Champions: Rose (6-3-1)
Golden Boot: Jake Axelbank - Rose(12)
Best Offense: Gunners (29)
Best Defense: UNC MBA (14)

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Winners: Spring 2017 O'Hara Division

Division Champions: Skormor Rangers (8-1-1)
Golden Boot: Felix Sebera - Hilary Chi(11)
Best Offense: Honey Badgers (30)
Best Defense: Skormor Rangers (9)

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Winners: Summer 2017 Over-30 Division

Division Champions: Motorco FC (8-2-0)
Golden Boot: Felipe Mendoza - Durham FC (15)
Best Offense: Jablonski (44)
Best Defense: Motorco FC (17)

Winners: Summer 2017 Anderson Division

Division Champions: Stroke City (8-2-0)
Golden Boot: Tim Field (Oldcastle United) & Hamdani Bustillo Martinez (Timeless Heroes) (14)
Best Offense: Stroke City (55)
Best Defense: Oldcastle United (25), Keeper - Steve Buttitta

Upcoming Games for Orangetheory Fitness Division
Sat Sep 23, FCRed Team
Sat Sep 23, 12:10pMeadowmontLargeStill KickinKarmiri FC
Sat Sep 23, 3:20pHerndon ParkChamp FieldChapel Hill FCEurosport FC
Upcoming Games for Studdard Division
Sat Sep 23, 8:30aMeadowmontLargeRoseBull McCabes
Sat Sep 23, 1:30pHerndon ParkChamp FieldT-BirdsLibrary FC
Sat Sep 23, 2:00pMeadowmontLargeCarolina UnitedGlobal Bankers
Upcoming Games for O'Hara Division
Sat Sep 23, 3:50pMeadowmontLargeHans FCHilary Chi
Sat Sep 23, 5:10pHerndon ParkChamp FieldSkormor RangersHoney Badgers FC
Sat Sep 23, 5:40pMeadowmontLargeIron MaidenInternationals
Upcoming Games for Over 30
Wed Sep 27, 7:30pEfland Cheeks Comm CtrECCC 1BSFCCeltic
Wed Sep 27, 9:00pCedar FallsCF 1AJablonski FCTeam Tomo
Wed Sep 27, 9:00pCedar FallsCF 2AMotorco FCRetired Affect
Upcoming Games for Anderson Division
Thu Sep 21, 9:00pCedar FallsCF 2AGeri-Hat TricksTimeless Heroes
Tue Sep 26, 6:00pSouthern Comm ParkY1Super Sub FCStroke City
Tue Sep 26, 9:00pCedar FallsCF 1AOldcastle UnitedGeri-Hat Tricks
Tue Sep 26, 9:00pCedar FallsCF 2AReal MydadTimeless Heroes

Game Results for this past week:

9/16T-Birds2Patrick Cutler, Anthony Polakiewicz
Rose1Nicolas Restrepo
9/16Still Kickin0 FC4Gehrig Haberstock(2), Daniel Kobin, Cole Walker
9/16Red Team4Jake Dockterman, Ryan Galloway, Sam Masters, Juan PachecoGonzalo Asis, Jake Dockterman, Josh Johnson
Eurosport FC4Kevin Duke(2), Taylor Halley(2)Kevin Duke, David Sterngold
9/16Library FC0
Carolina United3Kent Donnell(2), Zachary NasipakDavid Dukesherer
9/16Bull McCabes4Dustin Kavanaugh(2), Morgan Moore, Lucas Roche
Global Bankers3Reid McGhee, unk. player(2)
9/16Karmiri FC2Axel Berky, Joseph FeldblumJoseph Feldblum, Brandon Le
Chapel Hill FC0
9/16Honey Badgers FC2Tyler Farnsworth, unk. player
Hans FC0
9/16Internationals1Felipe Segnini
Hilary Chi2Matt Burr(2)
9/16Skormor Rangers1Vik Williams
Iron Maiden6Josh Cutherell(3), Erik Diffin, Kevin Dixon, Frank MgErik Diffin, Christopher Horstman
9/19Oldcastle United3John Holly, William Mills(2)Tim Field, Remco Laan, Phillip Motley
Stroke City0
9/19Artritico Madrid3Sam Amago, Renato Romero, Andrew SniderFredy Grefa, Denis Noubouossie
Real Mydad1David Gadea
9/19Super Sub FC9Frederic Bost(5), Ben Goodman(2), Steve Guzzi, unk. playerJose Fernandes(2), Ramin Jahannia(4), Andrew Steele
Old Man City4Papis Diouf, Doug Nuernberger, Michael o'donnel(2)Rob Dilworth, Christopher Horstman(2)
9/20Durham FC9Taylor Halley(2), Felipe Mendoza, Hector Mendoza(3), Joao Valerio(2), unk. playerOzan Gokdemir, Taylor Halley, Felipe Mendoza, Joao Valerio(3)
BSFC5Alex Funt(3), Jelmer Poelstra(2)
9/20Celtic2Xavy Torres, unk. playerXavy Torres
Jablonski FC6Gregg Adamo(2), Ryan Haushalter(3), Justin ToscoGregg Adamo, Ryan Haushalter
9/20Retired Affect1Carson Fishel
Team Tomo2michael carstens, EDWIN WOTORTSI
9/21Geri-Hat Tricks
Timeless Heroes

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