Team Captains

Captains are an important piece of the system that will make Orange County Adult Soccer League function well.  Captains will communicate with their teams, make sure they are at the right field at the right time and ready to go at game time.  The captain helps set the lineup and the substitution system.  During the game, the captain is the team's liaison with the referees.  If a teammate loses his or her temper, the captain should step in and help calm things down. 

Captains serve as a communication conduit for the league.  They can help explain procedures to the players, and they can help make sure that a player's voice is heard concerning any aspect of the league.  Good communication in all directions will help the league meet the needs of the players, and captains are the key.

There are minor administrative duties for the captain (like choosing a team name and colors), but for the most part, the minutiae are handled by the OCASL staff.  If at any time, you think of something the staff could do that makes your job easier, we are ready to step in.

Captain's registration is initially free.  If, for some reason, we get more captains than we need, you may be asked to change your registration to "player" and pay the fees.