Where does your OCASL dollar go?


Calendar Year 2016
Expense Category %   Expense Category %
Referees 46.3%   Employees 6.3%
Field Rental 24.8%   Information Technology 2.9%
Uniforms 5.8%   Balls, goals, etc 3.7%
Credit Card Fees 3.2%   Other Costs 1.9%
Insurance 2.8%      
Charitable Gifts 2.3%   Total 100.0%

Orange County Adult Soccer League (OCASL) is a non-profit 501(c)(7) corporation, formed in 2011.  Our 990 form is available on line.  Over 80 cents of every dollar taken in by the corporation is used to directly benefit the players (referees, fields, uniforms, prizes, equipment).  Early in the life of the organization, emphasis will be on growing the league, and building a reserve that is capable of helping the organization weather downturns.

OCASL prides itself on being transparent, on being responsive to the needs of its participants, on treating participants with respect, on playing by the rules, on supporting the local economy, and on giving back to the community.  In 2016, OCASL raised over $2700 for charitable causes through the generosity of its players.

OCASL is served by a Board of Advisors.  The founding BoA was David Kaminsky, Greg Studdard, Gavin O'Hara, Pat Mann, and Mark Anderson, and OCASL would not exist without their dedicated efforts.  Starting in 2016, the Board of Advisors includes David Kaminsky, Ron Evans, Richard Kwok, Kevin Duke, Steve Guzzi, and Kevin Lee.  Founder and Executive Director is Rob Smith.