Support Orange County Adult Soccer League

OCASL is run on a shoestring budget, we try to focus all our resources on getting good fields, referees, and equipment that directly and positively affects your experience with the league.  Our only agenda is providing great soccer for adults.  Our steady focus means you get a great game for not much money.

If you really enjoy playing at OCASL, and you have the means (either time, talent, or treasure), we hope you will consider giving to the league.  Your generosity will make it easier for the league to thrive.  Here are some ideas for contributing:

  • Like us on facebook
  • Buy a practice jersey.  They are lightweight and fashionable.  Get one of each (dark and light) so you're always prepared for practice sessions.  They help spread the word about the league.
    Sample OCASL practice jersey
  • Make a donation to the league.  It's not tax deductible, but it will help us provide continuing improvements.

  • Show up early to a game to help set up, or stay a little late to help clean up.
  • Search and rescue errant shots.
  • Donate a set of corner flags.
  • If you are a certified referee, let us know.  We may call upon you to be an assistant referee at the game prior to yours, or directly after yours.
  • Contact us with ideas about how to improve the league.  If you decide to leave the league, let us know why.